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April 15, 2009

It's A Go

Remember to switch your RSS feeds: http://www.maderblog.com/index.php/feed/

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April 14, 2009

Hold That...

Transition postponed while I figure out whether I've just lost five days of blog-design. Fingers crossed...

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Service Advisory

Maderblog switches to WordPress overnight tonight. This may affect your Maderblog experience in four ways:

1. RSS (Syndication): If you read Maderblog through an RSS syndicator (such as Google Reader), please update your RSS feed URL to the following: http://www.maderblog.com/index.php/feed/

2. Comments: They'll work.

3. Look & Feel: The new template is... different. You'll see. I'm still tinkering - heck, I've been tinkering with the current template since I adopted it in 2003.

4. Archives: While I've imported all posts, some have been corrupted in the transfer. I'll keep the current archive up, meaning that all current permalinks will continue to work. In time, I hope to integrate the old archives into the new site.

That's all. See you on the flipside.

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April 03, 2009

Speaking of Non-Sequiters

The Times: Michelle Obama meets Carla Bruni and wins on points:

Michelle Obama might have been trying to appeal to a certain English eccentricity when she paired an asymmetrical Junya Watanabe cardigan with a full-skirted dress by Jason Wu and added debutante-style pearls for a photocall earlier this week with Sarah Brown.

It was a relaxed look, fun and informal, yet stylish. But if she was aiming for the quirky English look, it was not an unqualified success. When canvassed, Vivienne Westwood, doyenne of daring British fashion, said: "I don't think either of them dresses very well. I'm completely and utterly focused on the danger we face from global warming."
Ummm... ok?

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